Month 1: Land of Volcanoes.

I must preface this by saying – It’s not complete (Shock and horror! We did not stay for one day as this could lead you to believe). Read here on why it was never finished along with my other posts.


Okay, so maybe it is not quite called “The Land of Volcanoes”. But it is made from volcanoes. So give me some leeway here.

Month 1. Iceland. Land of the Ice. Or so we dubbed it. Should have called it land of the wind while we were there, as we almost got blown away by 40km/h gusts! But what an amazing way to start the year with two great friends, Charlotte and Rebecca.

The start of the holiday was pretty non-eventful. Catching the plane and flying over. A very very difficult job. And we even all made it through security without any incident. Hurrahhh! No gloved hands searching me this time at 4am. However, once we made it onto the plane we were greeted with a strange luxury. TV screens. On the cheapest airline we could find, score! So we sat down, got comfy ready to go. Until we were greeted by an air hostess asking us to move, for an upgrade! Well… I’ll call it an upgrade. She moved us to the emergency seats and that extra leg room makes a difference to a tall Egg like me!

So we touched down in Iceland. Even as we were coming in I was stunned by its beauty. I knew we had a good week ahead. But we had some  issues to overcome first. The car. I guess what can be the bane of most holidays. We get to the hire place fill out the paperwork. As they are handing the keys over “Is an automatic okay?”. Charlotte and myself look over to Rebecca, the designated F1 driver for the week, to which we find out this would be her first time driving an automatic. As well as her first time driving abroad. What could go wrong? As it would turn out, not a lot thankfully.


We arrived at our apartment quite tired out and excited for the next day. There was one issue… We forgot to get food.


Day 1:

Day one was absolutely amazing. I do not think I could have wished for a better day to start the holiday off. We decided to tackle the golden circle for our first mission. Worryingly, I was on navigation. Only time would tell if we ended up in a volcanic crater by taking the wrong left (Little bit of a spoiler, we did not. To some people’s dismay…). Each of the places we went to on the first day were absolutely bliss. We stopped off at a small pullover to grab some photo’s and take in the view. It was empty. We were the only one’s there and it felt amazing. Until two bus loads of tourists came! Doh! Oh well, the few minutes before hand were unforgettable. Views to last a lifetime. We carried on driving through the national park until we came to Thingvellir. What a stunning place. We wandered around there for hours as the sun rose through the early(ish) hours of the day. While there, Charlotte even made her first ever snow angel! Although it must be added, I think she needs a bit more practice.


Shortly after walking off the beaten track and making our snow angels. We came across one of the most amazing waterfalls I have seen so far (This would later be topped a measly few hours later).  It was encased in ice with the water flowing through the middle. Completely marvelous

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