I (do not) come from a land down under

I made it to the land down under. After a gruelling 26 hours to get there. I’ve got to say – I do not get on with long haul flights. I do not feel they are made for me. Surely there’s a large enough population now that are over 6 foot that it should be required by law to give more leg room? And why does the person in front of you always have to recline their chair fully back the second the plane is in the air. Uh. Squashed knees all the way to Sydney definitely wasn’t a highlight.

I’m being rather dramatic. In general the flight was rather excellent. We flew with Virgin Atlantic to Hong Kong. They had some pretty decent food for an aeroplane. Most of my flight was spent asleep. Or at least trying to sleep. Amy, however, spent the flight watching films. Every time I woke up she seemed to be on a new film. I did manage to watch one film, Glass, but I paused it for 15 minutes left for a quick nap which apparently infuriated Amy. Tom’s naps don’t wait for no one.

After a short lay over in Hong Kong it was on to the next part of the journey. A lovely short 9 and a bit hour flight. This plane was not as fancy as our last. But with no one sat behind me I reclined my seat back and got ready for another sleep of a lifetime. After a long nap on the first plane it was definitely more difficult trying to sleep this time. I was hoping to sleep the whole flight as we were arriving in Sydney at 7am. Then hopefully I wouldn’t be as jet lagged. Boy was I wrong.

Sunrise views of Sydney as we flew in on the plane.
Morning views of Syndey as we flew in.

After landing in Sydney my friend picked us up from the airport and took us to our airbnb to drop our bags off. It was then onto a day of trying to walk around Sydney without falling asleep. That didn’t go too well. It was after setting up a bank account that we decided to call it quits and head back for a nap. What a nap that turned out to be. We clocked in a gorgeous 12 hours.

Let the jet lagged days begin…

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  1. Glass!! Great film 😊

    1. Really really enjoyed it! Been wanting to watch it for ages

  2. Planes sure are cool!

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