About Me

So far so good, you’ve made it this far. Well done! Incase you have not gathered, I’m Tom Eggleston and this is my blog.
A blog in which I aim to document a challenge I have set myself for 2016. That challenge is to visit a new country every month for the whole year. 12 months, 12 countries.

Sounds pretty easy right? Well, why don’t you stick around and find out how much I manage to mess it up. I’m sure i’ll manage to do something wrong along the way. It can not be that hard to walk to Asia, right?
Now you might be thinking. Why would you want to do this? It’s mainly because i’ve always wanted to travel the world. So, why not make a challenge out of it! I’m hoping this blog will also give me a bit of motivation to go out there and do it. And to pass on any helpful tips and tricks this rookie traveler finds out on the way. So if anyone reading decides to take the plunge, they might not make the same mistakes I do.

On a more serious note, I hope I can inspire many other people like me to get up and travel. Make your dreams come true. Explore that big ol’ place this world is.